Flaxmere Activities

Carrying Water on our Heads

We tried to carry water Rwandan Style. We found it quite difficult and we were only carrying a litre. First we carried the water holding on with both hands and then we tried one hand. Some of us like Agnes and Peta could do it with no hands. We tried carrying water in different containers. We found it easier to balance the pot and bucket than bowls and dishes.

Cooking on an Open fire

This is beans and sweet potatoes cooking on an open fire. We covered our food with banana leaves. The only problem was the banana leaves ended up as part of the meal.

We collected our wood before we lit our fire. We wondered how the children would cope collecting wood if it was raining. We also wondered how they lit their fires. We used matches and paper.

A bit hard to see but in there are sweet potatoes. We cheated by microwaving them first. They looked quite disgusting but once we removed the black skins they tasted fine.



In the video we saw some of the children making bricks and also pottery. We had a go. Some of us made mini houses and some of us made drinking containers.

Here are some of our containers drying. We are going to get them fired.

Cooking Rwandan Style

Grinding food

For this activity we had to find a large stone suitable for grinding. We ground rolled oats as we could not get Sorghum. We made porridge out of the ground rolled oats. It took a long time to grind the oats. We thought the children would have to get up very early to make breakfast.