World Vision is an international Christian humanitarian aid organisation dedicated to serving the poor and needy through development and relief programmes around the world.

World Vision's work in Rwanda began in 1976 with an aid programme for 1,200 children and their families. Since then, World Vision Rwanda has provided emergency relief for refugees from Burundi in 1988, food relief for starving farmers from Butare and Gikongoro districts of Rwanda, and, most notably, emergency aid for Rwandan refugees fleeing the 1994 genocide. This involved a programme of relief for 400,000 people, both within Rwanda and in refugee camps in bordering Zaire and Uganda.

Current work includes:
- Agriculture - to increase farm production through terracing, irrigation, and other interventions.
- Child families - to provide for immediate needs and to enable families and communities to support themselves in the longer term.
- Reconciliation and peace building - to train staff for peace-building (including addressing their own trauma from the genocide), build partnerships with churches and other organisations working for peace, and to work alongside the government in youth work, education and advocacy.
- Resettlement and rehabilitation - to help returned refugees and other vulnerable groups as they try to rebuild their lives.
- Micro-finance - to provide low interest loans to groups of small businesspeople and entrepreneurs.