Rwanda Family Connection
March 1st - 31st, 2000

When Sahu was just 14, her mother died, leaving Sahu as "parent" to her four younger brothers and sisters. Sahu is just one of thousands of children in Rwanda who have been forced to take on adult responsibilities since their parents died during or after the genocide of 1994. Although life is very hard for Sahu and her family, there is obvious love among them, and they do all they can to support one another. With help from World Vision aid workers, they are beginning to find hope for a better future.

Through the immediacy of the internet, your students can learn about the lives of Rwandan children, direct from local development workers, and from the children themselves. Students can read regular stories about aspects of Rwandan life and about World Vision Rwanda's work with these child-headed families. They can also e-mail questions and messages to World Vision Rwanda, and even communicate (through an interpreter) with some of the Rwandan children.

This topic will be especially relevant in 2000, as Rwandan child families will be a major focus of the 1999 World Vision Forty Hour Famine.

During the four weeks of the programme (March 1st to 31st 2000), the internet site will form the basis for an integrated Social Studies unit, with sections suitable for levels 2 to 5 (year 4 to 10). The unit can be used alone, or teamed with the soon-to-be-released World Vision resource set on Rwanda. Registered schools will receive a free copy of the internet-based unit during February. They can also access the internet site, send questions and messages, receive weekly fax messages from World Vision Rwanda, and take part in weekly audioconferences.

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