Audioconference with: Geoffrey Ngiruwonsanga Sserwadda, child protection and development manager, World Vision Rwanda

1. How is life in Rwanda different to life in New York? (Rebecca, St Francis Xavier School, Dunedin)

2. What are their hygiene standards like? Do they have toilets? (Jared McIntosh, Welcome Bay School, Tauranga)

3. Are there any natural resources in Rwanda and will they run out? (Lucas Fraser, Hora Hora School, Cambridge)

4. What differences have you noticed between American kids and kids in Rwanda? (Chris Black, Piopio College, Piopio)

5. What does your job involve and how does it help the child families in Rwanda? (Sophie Villers, Vauxhall School, Auckland)

6. Is it sad being with the people in Rwanda? (Jennifer, St Francis Xavier School, Dunedin)

7. Why are children as young as 12 - 14 allowed to be child parents? What do these children think about it? (Luaipou Paulo, Y7, Robertson Road School, Auckland)

8. Why can't you stay with adults who should look after you? (Year 11, Kelston Girls High School, Auckland)

9. What are the criteria that World Vision has for helping child families in Rwanda? (Adam King, Vauxhall School, Auckland)

10. What can our class do to help the children in Rwanda? (Andrew, Russell Street School, Palmerston North)

11. What are the churches and religions trying to do about the conflicts? (Nicola Gisler, St Patrick's School, Te Awamutu)

12. What is your biggest wish for the people of Rwanda? (Tania MeeChang, Mayfield School, Blenheim)