Audioconference with: Geoffrey Ngiruwonsanga Sserwadda, child protection and development manager, World Vision Rwanda

1. Can you tell us about schools in Rwanda: How much does it cost to go to school and what is a typical school day? (Megan Wood, Tatuanui School, Morrinsville)

2. What age do they go to school? (Jaden, Richmond View School, Blenheim)

3. What do they learn at school? (Nikki, Mangatangi School, Pokeno)

4. When we look at the children they always have bare feet. Do they have shoes? (Blair, Mangatangi School, Pokeno)

5.Can you tell us about a wedding ceremony in Rwanda? (Max Wilson, Tatuanui School, Morrinsville)

6.What work is there available to Rwandan people? (Berkley Normal Intermediate School, Hamilton)

7. How much land do people own in Rwanda and how do they get the land they have? (Azarnia, Remuera Intermediate School, Auckland)

8. What is the Trauma Recovery Programme? (Lydia, Gorge Road School, Invercargill)

9. How long has Rwanda been suffering? (Nicola, Oxford Area School, Oxford)

10. In what ways do the children show signs of what they have been through? (Jessica Thorne-George, Elstow school, Te Aroha)

11. Is it hard talking to some children? (Matthew, Remuera Intermediate School, Auckland)

12. What was the most challenging aspect of being a counsellor? (Essie, Gorge Road School, Invercargill)