Audioconference with: Geoffrey Ngiruwonsanga Sserwadda, child protection and development manager, World Vision Rwanda

1. Is dance, culture etc important to the Rwandan people? (Kowhai Intermediate)

2. What religion do these people follow? (Whangamata Area School)

3. What are some of the responsibilities of that child in charge of a family? (Kowhai Intermediate)

4. How come they don't have proper houses? (Te Aroha, Rockdale Park School)

5. What happens to children who are very, very young when their parents die? (Alaska, Rockdale Park School)

6. How do you give the children skills to look after younger children? (James Gourlay, Arrowtown School)

7. Who decides where the money goes in Rwanda and who is the most needy? How is this done? (Te Anau School)

8. Why don't you (World Vision) just move the orphan families over to different countries, so then they can get proper food, jobs and better lives? (Rory, Whakarongo School)

9. What is their own government doing about the situation? (Whangamata Area School)

10. Do the children understand why the war happened? (Melisha Stops, St Matthew's Primary School)

11. How can the two ethnic groups (Hutu and Tutsi) be reunited? (Anthony, Whakarongo School)

12. Why did you become a counsellor in Rwanda? (Aleisha, St Joseph's School, Ashburton)