Audioconference with: Geoffrey Ngiruwonsanga Sserwadda, child protection and development manager, World Vision Rwanda

1. Why did you choose to go to Rwanda and help people? (Chris, South New Brighton School)

2. Of the population of Rwanda, what would be the ratio of people who have lives like us, to people who dont? (Bruce McLaren Intermediate School)

3. How many children do not have families and how do they survive? (St Joseph's School, Whakatane)

4. What happens to the parents and why can't they put the children in an orphanage? (Sacha Scott, Jacobs River School)

5. What would a typical day in the life of one of these children be like? (St Joseph's School, Whakatane)

6. What sort of games, if any, do the children play? (Room18, South New Brighton School)

7. If a child got ill what sort of medical care would they get? (Andrew Scott, Jacobs River School)

8. What are the consequences for the children who have to take the role of the parent? (Nick, Bruce McLaren Intermediate School)

9. How many case workers are there? How many children do they have to visit each day? (Deanna Black, Flaxmere Primary School)

10. Does losing their parents so young make the children naughty, mean, angry or act strangely? (Rachel, Room18, South New Brighton School)

11. Was it hard to teach the children to be normal for society again? (Nikka, Tolaga Bay Area School)

12. How do you stop yourself becoming emotionally involved with the children you are working with? (Roseanna McFarlene, Flaxmere Primary School)