Beatrice is the oldest in a family of five children, living without their parents since 1994 when they died.

"When we lost our parents, we didn't get any help till three years after. It was then that we saw people from World Vision coming to us. They called us by our names. We didn't know how they knew our names," remembers Beatrice.

The World Vision social workers explained who they were and how they were helping orphans. They asked about the problems Beatrice and her family faced and counselled them, helping them feel less isolated. Together they worked out what the family needed and gave them some household items like plates, cups and pots.

Some time later each orphan household in their area got one or two goats. Some of these goats have had offspring now and families can sell them if they need money. World Vision also runs a tailoring workshop, which Beatrice attends. It's a good opportunity for Beatrice to learn a skill for the future.

According to Beatrice, the most helpful things were the regular meetings World Vision organised for all the teenagers responsible for families. At the meetings they had a chance to ask questions and seek advice. They also got to know each other and because they were all in the same situation, could work together and help each other.