Most people in Rwanda live by growing their own food such as bananas, sweet potatoes, potatoes, cassava, sorghum, and soya beans. For variety they sometimes also grow maize, rice, peas, cabbages, onions, green peppers, kale, carrots, avocados and peanuts.

A typical Rwandan meal might be cooking bananas cooked to a mash, soya beans and peanut sauce. Sometimes for breakfast they have sorghum porridge (sorghum is a grain, a bit like millet). Quite a lot of families are poor so their meals are made of the things they can grow.

About 95 per cent of people live in rural areas, mainly in homes scattered on the hillsides. Homes are usually a collection of several buildings - perhaps a larger one with several rooms for eating and sleeping, another smaller building for cooking and one to house the animals at night. They are made out of earthen bricks or wattle and daub.

Homes are on family land where parents live with their children. Extended families don't usually live in the same house.

Parents divide their land among their sons. Each son's family lives on this land and cultivates it. When the sons divide it among the grandsons, their share is even smaller. Some men have more than one wife so there are more sons to share the land. When it isn't shared fairly, some children grow up without owning any land.